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Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs 僑光首頁 繁體中文 簡體中文 English


About US

In order to advance international communication and promote international service, our school specially established International and Cross-strait Affairs Office to manage our school’s international affairs and mainland area services.
In order to broaden the views of teachers and students, and help OCU become an internationalized education school, the Overseas Chinese University’s International and Cross-strait Affairs office continually concludes sister school arrangements with the United States of America, England, Japan, Austria, the Czech Republic, Southeast Asia, China, and many famous international schools. We have signed many international academic exchange and cooperation agreements implementing double-degrees, exchange of teachers and students, English Summer Overseas Travel, academic exchanges, and seminars organized for various types of international exchange activities. These provide international students access to our school for further studies and increase multi-channel opportunities for the international academic exchange of teachers. The goal is to raise student perspectives, language skills, and promote the purpose of cultural exchanges and citizen diplomacy.